10 Scala Features Most* Java Developers Love

(*) “Most” in this case meaning: Of  those I have met and have talked to about this. I’m not actually aware of an empirical study supporting this. But I still think it’s a fair claim.😉

Some Java developers seem to be intimidated by Scala. They get hung up on some possibly rather obscure feature, and from that conclude that the language must be a complicated maze you can only get lost in. There are so many features in Scala, though, that are so easily accessible, and that really just make the developer’s life easier. This is my list of 10 features that are easy to understand and use, yet very powerful. I presented it to some groups of Java developers throughout 2014, and have been wanting to convert it into a blog post ever since. Now, with some delay, here it is, I hope you enjoy reading it.

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